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The Babbling Lotus: what’s in a name?

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Like so many others, I’ve decided to start a blog. A website, really, that includes some thoughts about life. My life in particular and what I find to be some of life’s most wonderful things, like yoga, food, parenthood. And what I find to be some of life’s most challenging things, like parenthood, trying to follow a yogic lifestyle, and controlling yourself once you’ve made a delicious recipe (like the focaccia bread under recipes!). Pretty standard for a blog, but the way I see it, we’re all in this together and a little inspiration from anywhere can be quite helpful.

What’s in a name? The Babbling Lotus. First, why babbling? Well, I’ve never claimed to be a writer…let alone a GOOD writer. In fact, I had an employer who told me time and again that writing wasn’t my “strongest attribute,” which has stayed with me since I left the job. But my thoughts here will tend to be about anything. Yoga, life & parenthood, which, to me, pretty much means everything is fair game here. I like the term babbling because I’m hoping that it will protect me from the scrutiny of my two English teacher parents (that’s TWO, yes, both of my parents were English teachers). So, Mom, Dad…if you find grammatical errors, I’m just babbling here, so really, it’s not a grammatical error.

The term “babbling” is also reminiscent of chitta vritti, which in yogi speak, is “mind chatter”. Through our yoga practice, we are trying to quiet, or at least control, the constant babbling of our mind. The very second aphorism of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras states, “Yoga is the control of thought-waves in the mind.” Aka, the chitta vritti. So with this site, I’m continuing my yoga practice, which, I believe, is truly part of everything we do. So please allow me to flush out AND flesh out personal chitta vritti by babbling on here.

And then there is the lotus. Some of you may know the symbolism of the lotus, the beautiful flower that emerges and gains nourishment from the cloudy, muddy waters below. Has there ever been a more obvious metaphor? But we relate to the accessible, and this metaphor is exactly that. The ancient yogis believed that there was spiritual center called “the lotus of the heart” located between the abdomen and the chest, and this lotus contained a light that shone brighter with meditation and concentration. I like to envision that light growing as the lotus opens and becomes clearer and as we take away the obstacles that blur the true connection with ourselves.

I’ve always related to the lotus analogy to life and spirituality. So much, in fact, I have a bad tattoo of a lotus on my ankle that can often be mistaken for an artichoke. Lucky for me, artichokes are one of my favorite foods, so I’m happy with either interpretation of the artwork. But it’s so true that we learn from the most trying moments of our lives, creating that stronger identity and, hopefully, we can turn any negative energy into something positive that adds to our inner beauty. And maybe this babbling about the day to day can buff out the blemishes on that inner light, letting the brightness of lotus shine out.

So here I am. Trying to quiet my mind and connect with my spiritual center. And here you are. Surfing the endless waves of many who are attempting the same thing as I, and perhaps I’m so lucky that you’ve stumbled upon my site. But I hope you find some humor, some practical knowledge, some encouraging thoughts, and even some refutable claims (I don’t expect to be the I Ching on anything, so put me in my place whenever suitable, please.). Maybe you’ll grab a delicious recipe, try out a fun yoga asana, hey, even take a yoga class! Let me just say here that I’m grateful that you’ve put my address in your browser, and I hope you find something useful.


The Babbling Lotus


Author: The Babbling Lotus

Musings about yoga, food & parenthood.

One thought on “The Babbling Lotus: what’s in a name?

  1. Welcome to WordPress. I, too, am striving to live a more yogic lifestyle. I look forward to reading your blog!

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