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Lunch with SiSi

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As parents…actually, let me rephrase that. As PEOPLE, many of us are guilty of putting as much on our plates and humanly possible. Work, clubs, classes, laundry, pets, appointments, fundraisers. You name it. We pile it on and fill up every second of every day, so much so that sometimes our relationships, family, friends, partners, go by the wayside. Sometimes, just a conscious effort of stopping by a friend’s or a weekly text to a sister (yes, I’d say texts, while seeming impersonal, are an acceptable form of touching base), is enough to keep a drifting relationship from falling completely out of sight.

photo(12)Not to say that my relationship with my daughter has gone by the wayside (I sure hope not, since she’s only a year old!), but a few month ago, I made the deliberate decision to go out to lunch with her every Tuesday. She’s a baby, I know, but on those weeks that I keep adding and adding to my agenda, I know that I have Tuesday afternoon to spend with SiSi, when distractions like the messy kitchen sink, the pile of clothes that need to be folded or preparation for a yoga class is not staring me in the face and I can concentrate on the most important person in my life. Hopefully, this can be a tradition that we continue, and that commitment is on me especially since I’ll be the one planning our schedule for many years. And, hey, right now she’s a great listener and has a lot of great advice, such as, “A ya ya ba ya ya aaaaaaa.” Genius.


Author: The Babbling Lotus

Musings about yoga, food & parenthood.

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