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Workshops & Trainings

Workshops & Trainings

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Jacqui's Weekly Teaching Schedule

Jacqui’s Weekly Teaching Schedule












I have taken yoga classes with Jacqui for approximately 3 years, and by all means, I am a slow learner. I was hesitant about certain positions and was timid about trying something new. However, Jacqui has really helped me to come out of my “yoga-shell”. Her patience with me as a student has been so comforting. Her classes are rigorous and her teaching is clear and focused. I would say my favorite thing about Jacqui’s classes are her attention to the student. She cares about each student in each asana, and makes modifications to intensify or simplify a pose. I absolutely love taking classes with her!


I want to take a moment to thank Jacqui for the wonderful private sessions that I have had this past year.  You have been such patient and caring teachers, helping me to grow and foster my yoga practice. I love that the sessions have been tailored to my ability, with the focus to encourage my individual progress by continually motivating and challenging me.  I cannot thank you enough as it has been a deeply and profound spiritual experience for me.  Jacqui, you are the best!


Thanks again for teaching our private class. We were at all different levels and your teaching style was really accommodating and made us each feel included and comfortable, and challenged at the same time. Every single one of us said we all had a great time and it inspired some of us who hadn’t much exposure to yoga to continue practicing. Thanks for going the extra mile.


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