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Private Classes

Sometimes we need personal attention to deepen our yoga practice.
Sometimes we just don’t feel quite ready to head into a group setting for a class.
Sometimes we need a yoga class to work around our own schedule rather than the other way around.Jacqui Nash, The Babbling Lotus, Private Lesson, Personal Lesson

Each person has a unique body and a unique relationship with his/her yoga practice. Whether your intention is to spiritually and physically deepen your yoga practice, or whether you need a personalized practice to meet the needs of your specific body and mind, a personally customized yoga practice can be the therapeutic road to a stronger relationship with your mind, body, and spirit.

At the studio or in your home or office

While joining in a large class is a wonderful experience for sharing yogic energy, a private class is an opportunity to customize your individual practice with hands-on assistance and undivided attention of the instructor. These classes are perfect for someone who needs modifications for an injured or limited body or for someone who is seeking assistance with a more advanced practice.

Jacqui has experience teaching all levels and types of practitioners, from beginner to advanced, from prenatal to postnatal, from injured to healed. With the knowledge that she’s gained through this experience and with a strong knowledge of anatomy and hands-on adjustment, she will be able to develop sequences and introduce postures that are tailored to your body and your needs for a balanced and well-rounded practice.

Jacqui is happy to offer in-person lessons in her studio in Kingston, NY, where there is space and all props necessary for a class, but she is also more than happy to come to and to bring props and equipment your home or office.

Click here to read testimonials from private students of Jacqui.

If you are a first-time student with Jacqui, your first session with her will include a free additional 15 minutes, so you can discuss with her why you are seeking a private lesson, what your intentions are for your yoga practice, and any other specifications for your body and mind.

Pricing up to 2 students:

  • $70 (60 minutes) in studio
  • $60 on location (at your home or office)

$10/person for each additional person over 2 students.

Schedule 3 privates on location for $160, in studio for $190.

How it works?

  • Please contact Jacqui through the contact page to book appointment.
  • Once appointment is booked, you will receive an invoice via email.
  • Payment is due online via paypal before your first session or due at the time of session via cash/check.

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