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A perfect way to supplement our yoga practice is through specific workshops, trainings, and classes. Jacqui offers a variety of workshops for the both the experienced practitioner and someone who is skeptical about entering his or her first yoga class. Contact Jacqui to book one of these workshops at your event, studio, or even for a personal education.


Yoga Fundamentals: Decoding the Secret Language of Yoga
Because there are concepts, words, even movements in yoga that seem foreign, people can often feel intimidated and unsure of joining a group class. Maybe you’ve already been to a class but felt too uncomfortable and unsure of yourself to return. Or maybe you’ve been, loved it, but still want to know more! This workshop is perfect for the yoga-skeptic or even the yoga-enthusiast who wants more as we dive into history, meditation, pranayama, yoga styles, yoga terms, yoga postures and more information about the foundations of yoga.

Bringing the OM Home: An Exploration of a Home Yoga Practice

How do we take all that we experience in a group yoga class back to our home in order to cultivate a personal yoga practice? Join Jacqui who will give you the tools to help you dive deeper into your yoga practice by showing you that you are your own best teacher. Through discussion, instruction and games (yes, games!), we will explore postures, sequences, pranayama, meditation, and philosophy, so you can unroll your mat and practice asana wherever and whenever you need to. You’ll discover that once your practice comes home, yoga is no longer something you do, but part of who you are.

Discover Ashtanga Yoga
This is workshop is meant to demystify the sacred practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Popularized by Pattabhi Jois and often considered a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga, this style is the foundational practice of most styles of yoga. Better understand this meditative practice as we look at the Primary Series, or Yoga Chikitsa, where Jacqui explains modifications and props to safely make your way through the entire practice.


Balance Your Being, Within & Without
To understand imbalance we must get to the root of it and then we must summon the courage to act to correct it. This goes for our personal lives and our physical asana practice. This class is part anatomy workshop and part Vinyaya class dedicated to rooting down and balancing ourselves, where we practice balance poses and sequences, both one-footed balances and arm balances. We’ll cover the primary anatomical cause for imbalance in these postures, a week hip for the one-legged balances, a weak shoulder girdle for the arm balances, and we’ll strengthen both areas to create stability in the future.

The Story of the Warrior

The story of Lord Shiva and his great warrior friend, or Virabhadra, is a violent tale but in the end compassion, forgiveness, and love prevail. In this class, part meditation workshop, part Vinyasa class, we’ll dedicate our practice to the lessons learned in this ancient myth. We’ll begin with a meditation based on forgiveness and letting go, for ourselves and others. Then, through our asana practice will take a deeper look at the quintessential yoga postures, Warrior I, II & III, and through these postures we’ll learn to can breathe through, connect deep, and let go of our own personal angst so we can see our entire practice, on and off the mat, more clearly.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher TrainingYA-SCHOOL-RYS-200 The Yoga House Kingston, NY
Through Jacqui’s Yoga Studio, The Yoga House in Kingston, NY, and along with her business partner, Leigha Butler, receive your 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification through this program registered with the Yoga Alliance. The primary focus is on the teaching of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, but the education draws from many yogic disciplines, including but not limited to Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. It is a thorough and well-rounded yoga education — from our careful attention to anatomy and alignment to the study of yogic scriptures to the incorporation of a Seva (or selfless service) component.  Learn more about the program here.


 Outdoor Yoga at the Mohonk Preserve

Every Summer, from June through September, Jacqui teaches an outdoor yoga class at the Slingerland Pavilion on the Mohonk Preserve. The class, taught to beginner and intermediate levels, overlooks the rolling fields of the Shawangunk Ridge with the Catskill Mountains in the background. It happens to be one of the most perfect places to to practice yoga in New York State. Read more about the program and sign up here.

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