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What’s better than eating delicious food? Well, nothing really. But something almost as good is sharing the tools, tricks and recipes to get to that satisfying finished product. I don’t claim to have made up most of these (some I have), but I have done the research, tried out the goods, and composited them in one online source for you.

Baba GanoushBaba Ganoush This recipe is titled “Baba Ganough-the Best in the World” for a reason. While baba ganoush is something I’d order at any restaurant that has it, I happen to like this recipe, with my own amendments, the best. One way I heighten this recipe is by adding kalamata olives (about a small handful, or to taste) to the puree, which adds this wonderfully salty and briny element. I also like to very lightly saute the garlic in the olive oil on a low temp as to not deal with the raw garlic after-taste in the finished product. (I love garlic, but raw garlic…not so much.) Two other changes to the process: I use the food processor for it all and I only bake the eggplant until it’s very soft rather than grilling it first–it still comes out divine.

falafel, falafel recipe, vegetarian, veganFalafel Taken from a website called “It’s sooo good,” these falafels are just that! I actually consider these the best falafel you’ll ever have. There’s not too much different I do to these directions, and I have made them with both canned and soaked chick peas. As with all my recipes, I saute the garlic on low heat in olive oil because I don’t love the flavor of raw garlic. I also flatten the falafels in to 2″ x 3″ patties, so they can cook easily on both sides rather than having to roll them around as balls. Read my full post about this recipe here, which includes some suggestions for dipping sauces.

FoccacciaFocaccia Bread This recipe is from Anne Burrell from the Food Network and it happens to be the best darn focaccia bread you’ll ever eat. Instead of making it in a “jelly role pan,” as instructed in the recipe, I make this in a 9″x13″ ceramic baking dish, so the result is thicker and even more heavenly. Sometimes I top this with a Tuscan Sea Salt. I use Tanna’s which is wonderfully delicious, but choose you’re own favorite topping.


photo(14)Roasted Brussel Sprouts A super easy dish, and you might be wondering why I’ve put this on here. But these brussel sprouts happen to be extremely tasty and they make the perfect addition to risottos and pasta dishes. Just roast the sprouts beforehand and add them to a favorite dish. I’ve also mentioned before that french fries happen to be one of my weaknesses, but on nights when we’re going easy with veggie burgers or sandwiches, I’ll make these as the salty side dish instead of the starchy potato. And the leaves that get all crispy and salty in the pan are a fine substitute for fries.

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  1. Nice! Congrats on the blog, Jac! Now I want to find a bottle of Tanna’s for your focaccia. 🙂

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