The Babbling Lotus

Jacqui Nash's Musings on Yoga, Food & Parenthood


What’s better than eating delicious food? Well, nothing really. But something almost as good is sharing the tools, tricks and recipes to get to that satisfying finished product. I don’t claim to have made up most of these (some I have), but I have done the research, tried out the goods, and composited them in one online source for you.

Goat Cheese & Arugula Pizza This is quite the extraordinary summer pizza, when basil,  tomatoes, and arugula are in season. I have no major extra tips here. The recipe is amazing as is. I do, however, enjoy it with thinner crust (great pizza dough recipe here), and pesto is so flavorful that plain goat cheese is usually more preferable. And, of course, fresh, homemade pesto is always the best.

Macaroni & Cheese Revisited  If you want a lighter mac & cheese that is incredibly delicious and doesn’t leave you feeling like you just ate your dairy intake for the week and then some, this is the perfect recipe. Made with low fat milk, cheddar cheese, cottage cheese & a dash of nutmeg, this dish is an absolute staple in our house. That nutmeg creates such a wonderfully unique flavor that fits perfectly, and the layer of spinach adds to a fresher, more healthy feeling than a traditional M&C. Sometimes I’ll add greens onions and/or jalapeño to the pasta for a little more zest, but the recipe is completely fabulous without these additions. Keep in mind it took me a very long time to prep the first time I made this recipe, but I make it so much I can now prep in about a third of the time…just needed a little practice.

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